kratos_cosplay_8_by_dominoegnallange-d62mhy8We love nerds.

But more importantly, we recognize that Cosplayers are more than people playing dress up because they can’t get enough of Halloween. Cosplayers are artists, free spirits, gamers, nerds, but more importantly, dedicated to their craft. Producing some of the most eye-catching costumes worthy of the big screen. It’s fun, yes. But the hours and hours…And hours it takes to bring fantasy to reality is in the millions.

Most do it for the love of it, and never receive any recognition by anyone other than a little kid walking down the street that says “sweet”.

Well, that’s where Cosplay Famous comes in. We’re founded by nerds, and here to give Cosplay a high-five.

We’re here to show support to domestic Cosplay market through media recognition and public awards. We will continue to develop our brand not only for the fans of cosplay, but for the cosplayers.

Tell us what you want to see here for the cos community, and we will develop it and make it awesome.

Stay tuned for more nerdy activities.