Founded in October 2013, Cosplay Famous is a company solely focused on the development and exposure of Cosplay in the US. We’re a magazine, an advocate, a society. We’re on pace to create one of the largest Cosplay communities in the United States. We will reward those who sacrifice for their nerdy passion, we will recognize those publicly who hide in the shadows and create magic.

We’re not out to make Cosplay the talk of the town. We’re also not here to encourage people that want to get on the Cosplay bandwagon. We simply want to give real cosplayers a place to be recognized for their hard work, and fans a place to appreciate their favorite characters.

Cosplay is a sub culture, within a subculture, meaning that the mainstream aspects of cosplay have created a wedge between cosplay purists, and the average batman t-shirt wearer. If there’s one thing that we want to accomplish in the Cosplay community, it’s to inspire new cosplayers to respect the art of cos.

Another goal of Cosplay Famous is to produce a sustainable media outlet for the cosplay community. Unfortunately, the media outlets for cosplay are usually sporadic and inconsistent in regards to content, scope, and overall reach, specifically in the United States.

We want to pull from professional cosplayers in the US market to help grow an understanding of the real cosplay community. It’s not an easy task, but surely one worth attacking.