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Founded in October 2013, Cosplay Famous is a company solely focused on the development and exposure of Cosplay in the US. We’re a magazine, an advocate, a society. We’re on pace to create one of the largest Cosplay communities in

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We’re always excited to here from amateur and professional cosplayers. Send your pics, cosplay name, and social media information to editor@cosplayfamous.com to be featured on our site and/or magazine. Interested in being nominated or nominating someone for the 2015 Cosplay

CosGirl 2017

Cosplay Famous is on the hunt for CosGirl 2017. This position is by far one of the most awesome in the land. CosGirl is awarded every October, and the winner gets the following:         Admin Control of

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Interested in becoming a writer for Cosplay Famous? We can always use great Cos Content from our community of nerds. Looking for people with knowledge in costume making, cosplay culture & news, event coverage, and cosplayer profiles. Send information to

2015 Cosies

2015 Cosplay Awards

The First Ever Cosplay Awards Ceremony will take place in December 2015. The event will be hosted by The Cosplay Famous 2015 CosGirl. Nominees will walk the red carpet, and take part in autographing during their walk down paparazzi alley.

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